Amélioration de lérection de la prostate


Download the document Imprimer 12 patients suffering pénis en sculpture severe erectile dysfunction following prostate cancer received a transplant of stem cells into the penis. After six months, significant improvements in the quality of sexual intercourse, erection, penile rigidity and quality of orgasm were reported by the patients, according to a study by Inserm.

amélioration de lérection de la prostate

These results are published in the journal European Urology. Erectile dysfunction sexual impotence remains a common sequela of surgical removal of prostate cancer radical prostatectomy.

amélioration de lérection de la prostate

It is likely to severely affect the quality of life and self-image amélioration de lérection de la prostate men. Erectile dysfunction is caused by lesions in the vessels and nerves of the penis, which normally run alongside the prostate before reaching the erectile elements.

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A pilot clinical trial was conducted by Inserm to repair the cellular lesions in the penis caused by radical prostatectomy.

Many studies have shown that the bone marrow contains several types of stem cells that can spontaneously transform into cells of the same type as those damaged in the penis following radical prostatectomy essentially endothelial, smooth muscle and connective tissue cells.

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They can also secrete substances that promote the repair of damaged blood vessels and nerves. InProf.

amélioration de lérection de la prostate

The secondary objectives of the study were to evaluate the effects of the cell transplant on the quality of erections, sexual intercourse and the penile vessels. Since this treatment had not yet been tested in humans, it was necessary to conduct a first trial on a small number of patients to test patient tolerance to different doses of cells.

For this pilot study, patients enrolled had severe erectile dysfunction considered to be irreversible following radical prostatectomy, i.

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Moreover, penile Doppler ultrasound showed that the erectile dysfunction was caused by severe damage to the penile vessels. Trial methodology Twelve patients were enrolled for a total duration of 6 months.

amélioration de lérection de la prostate

Four increasing doses of stem cells were tested, with each patient participating in the clinical trial receiving only one injection. The effects of cell transplantation were assessed by specific self-administered questionnaires that scored the main aspects of sex life, namely satisfaction with intercourse, erectile and orgasm functions, libido, and penile rigidity during intercourse. The penile vessels were studied by Doppler ultrasound before and after cell transplantation.

amélioration de lérection de la prostate

The researchers also assessed changes in the size of the penis after transplantation, since penile shrinkage is a common sequela of radical prostatectomy.

Six months after cell transplantation, the researchers noted a significant improvement in the main sexual scores, particularly a point increase in the mean score for erectile function The other scores that improved significantly concerned overall satisfaction with sexual intercourse: 6. At least two patients described a return to normal erections similar to the situation prior to radical prostatectomy, without taking drugs.

A mean increase of 1 cm in penis length was observed. The clinical benefits were more pronounced at higher doses, and were associated with a normalisation of arterial vascular parameters in the penis measured by Doppler ultrasound.

Improvement in sexual scores was maintained 1 year after transplantation, although some patients continued to use a treatment during intercourse. The likelihood of spontaneous improvement in erections had been considered close to zero with these criteria.

amélioration de lérection de la prostate

Improvement in sexual scores combined with a normalisation of Doppler ultrasound measurements of the penis argues in favour of a beneficial effect from the stem cell transplant in the medium term. This therapeutic strategy could constitute the first approach to curing erectile dysfunction. For Prof.

Pour trouver le traitement adéquat, il est indispensable de déterminer la cause parmi des possibilités très diverses. Ensuite, le traitement du cancer de la prostate réduit également les fonctionnalités érectiles. En effet, la chimiothérapie et la radiothérapie peuvent diminuer le flux sanguin.